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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Time To Ditch The Anonymous Mask.

Is it time to stop hiding our faces?

The anonymous mask has been something that has really annoyed me! Those of you who know me well, will know that I am against hiding your face under any circumstance when it comes to speaking out against things that concern you. 

The Anonymous mask was brought to us by Hollywood in 2005. 
It was distributed by Time-Warner. 
Here is their logo.

Now do you see?

Any one who is even half awake will know that 
Hollywood is controlled by the Satanic Illuminati
so any thing coming from them will not be good. 

Hey look every one I'm really unique!

It was first seen in the film 'V for Vendetta'. So this mask was 'given' to us by them, you could say. When you wear this mask, you lose your own identity, which is part of their agenda. You take on an identity that has been 'given' to you - 'Anonymous' - 

'without any name'

They are telling you that you are anonymous to them
They want you to feel as if you are not an individual.
They don't want you to know how unique and powerful you are. 
Wearing a mask, especially this one actually 
takes away from your unique power. 
Showing your face means you have a name, 
therefore you are not anonymous.
Giving you your power back.

Can a mask be used by TPTB to control/manipulate a situation?

Well of course!

We are all well aware of 'agent provocateur' tactics. This is why the mask was 'given' in the first place. 
Now this mask is worn with pride by so many. 


How unique and powerful are you by wearing a mask that has been brought to you by the system you claim to fight? 
Any one can wear this mask and have total anonymity. 
Anonymity breeds dis-information. 
Agendas can and are being played out. 


Because some people think that any one 
wearing this mask can be trusted. 


Sometimes I wonder if some who claim to be 'awake' are actually really half asleep.

Your face is unique

To show ones face whilst fighting to bring change is necessary. 
It is also very important. 
'They' want us to hide and cower and be oh so afraid of them!
 With this mask the 'movement' can be stirred and manipulated. 
Can't you see that?

I saw a YouTube video once where some one was filming 
a police van during a protest. 

(I have looked for the video but just can not find it. If you have seen it or know of this video then please contact me and send me the link via the contact form) 

At the back of the van there were some anonymous masks. 
Now why would the police need those I wonder?

There is talk of this mask being banned in certain countries. I don't know how true that is, but I do know that something that is 
'banned' usually becomes even bigger! 
Game, Set and match! 
I wonder who gets all the money for the sales of these masks?

Time to wake up folks. 

The most powerful mask you have is your face! 
Time to show it. 

With a hidden face any thing can be said by any one. 
Beware the charlatan; 
(Facebooker, Blogger,Tweeter or YouTuber) 
that hides his/her face... 

If you go to a protest or you use the Internet, showing your face shows true courage, you are standing within your own human strength and spirit, showing these 'people' who make our lives so hard and difficult that you mean business.
Showing your face is a big fuck you to them!

'Remember Remember To Wear This Mask Suits Their Agenda'

dis·cern·ment  (d-sûrnmnt, -zûrn-)
1. The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgement.
2. Keenness of insight and judgement.

Peace Out,

One Love.

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