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Monday, 7 October 2013

You Just Never Know When You're Time Is Up.

It's Monday today. I woke up at 6:15am. It was foggy outside but it was not cold. I'm not sure if it was real fog or just the mist falling from the chemtrails can never tell nowadays. I had to go to the bank so after breakfast and dropping my daughter and partner to the station I went back home for a while until the bank was open.

I got to the bank and parked in Sainsbury's car par, it is a short walk from there. I waited at the lights to cross over the road. To my right, the cars started to slow down. As I looked right I could see a motorbike speeding down. I drive so I could tell this person would not have time to stop. In front of the the motorbike a car was turning into the side street to my right. The motorbike could not stop and slammed straight into the turning car! The noise that it made was incredibly loud. The sound ended just as fast as it had sounded. I heard every body around me gasp. There was a woman next to me and we turned to each other, we held each other and I buried my head on he shoulder. I was sacred to turn around and look. It was as if time froze for us all, there was no movement, all the traffic had stopped and there was only silence. It was eerie.

I turned around slowly fearful of what I would see. The motorbike was on the floor it looked like it was in pieces it was smashed up and so was the black BMW that it had hit. There was no body lifeless on the floor as I had expected. The driver of the motorbike was up taking of his helmet and walking to the lights.

I went over to him and asked him if he was OK. He was saying, 'Yeah, yeah I'm fine'. I told him he was not fine and that he was in shock. I took him to the side of the road and sat him down. He said his leg hurt a bit. He must of been 18 years old. I checked his leg and there was no cut. He did not have a scratch on him! Maybe he will get a few bruises. 

I saw the crash and heard the sound. The boy should of been dead. Or at least bleeding maybe even unconscious. The speed he was going! He was telling me. 'The light was still orange. I was rushing to go to Uni.' I told him Uni is not worth dying over and that he was going too fast. He was a handsome young man and I felt so sorry for him. Although I did not know him, I was grateful to know him at that time and I was so grateful that his young life had been spared.

The people in the BMW were much older. They were in more shock than the young boy. There were 4 people in the car and not one person was hurt thankfully.

I left the scene after a while and went to the bank. The woman who I had been hugging was in there. It is like the event we had both witnesses and the close call with death that could of been, had bonded us. We spoke again and said we could not believe the boy was not injured in any way. We both came to the conclusion that it just was not his time. 

I left the bank. There were more people gathered now just looking at the scene and the smashed motorbike. The young boy who had just had the crash was taking pictures of his smashed up bike! No doubt to put on Facebook. 'The day I diced with death' he will tag it! It made me smile to see him do this. I felt so grateful to the universe and thanked God. The boy was alive!

Today has changed his life, mine and all who witnessed. 

Today is the day that boy realises the treasure and the value of life. The preciousness of it. He will sit down later and it will all come to him. What is important in life? Is being late so serious? Is it worth us risking our life so we are not late for work/school? 


Take care of yourself. Enjoy the precious life you have been given.


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