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Friday, 14 February 2014


Flooding Somerset Levels - David Lim February 2014 - Community Press Group

David Lim, former doctoral researcher is reporting on the 2014 flooding events from the River Parrett in Burrowbridge, Somerset with the Community Press Group. Numerous film crews from mainstream media were also present. Journalists reported the floods, discussing details relating to the evacuated homes, agricultural upheaval and the heart-broken locals whose have suffered significant disruption due to the lack of government foresight; in particular, the absence of river dredging and the UK Environment Agency's communication strategy. Fact: UK Government had prior knowledge that flooding was required to 'manage' flood risk, using the Somerset Levels in order to increase natural habitat zones and offset asset damage. Such policy appears to supersede that of any local concern and that of basic human needs.

The subsequent related chain of policy include: The UN's Convention on Biological Diversity 1992, the EU's Natura 2000 policy, followed by the UK Environment Agency's 'Managing Flood Risk' policies (2005 - 2012) which state the need to "increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere [with in parts of the UK]"

The main point of interest is "Policy Unit 8 -- Somerset Levels and Moors"; and "Policy option 6 -- Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere which may constitute an overall flood risk reduction."

By overlaying the recent admission from the United Nations who stated that 42 countries worldwide are now actively involved in weather modification programs, the prognosis begins to look very uncomfortable. Compound the issue with the science of geoengineering (climate engineering using sulphur and heavy metals to reduce solar radiation), an extraordinarily bleak picture begins to emerge.

Fact: RAF Rainmakers were linked to the Lynmouth Flooding disaster in 1952 and between 1940 - 1959 UK Government conducted secret biowarfare tests on its own people by spraying carcinogenic chemicals from aircraft.

Were the floods natural? Were the storms natural? Why didn't the government put a relocation plan in place if flood zones were being 're-activated'?

BBC 'Rain Making' Link To Floods In UK 

Millions Were In Germ War Tests - The Guardian. 

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