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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Chemtrails. MP reply! UK Hertfordshire.

I recently wrote to my local MP. Mr Clappison.

25/08/11Dear Mr Clappison,

I am writing to you, as I am concerned about all the aerial spraying, or Chemtrails in my area, Bushey. Quite often the clear blue sky is turned white with the powder they are spraying into the air.

Unlike “contrails” they stay in the sky and form what looks like cloud, small unseen particles then drift down. This effects crops animals and people alike. In fact they are effecting you too and your family.

I know back in the 60’s it has been admitted that testing was going on over the country up until 1979. What is being done now and why?

I have suffered from shingles twice since October last year. My GP tells me it is very rare and unusual to get this twice and so soon!

Chemtrails have been tested by scientists they are known to contain substances that are poisons and also live germs have been found.

Under the freedom of information act I would like to know what is being added to the air and why, for what purpose?
Please see the short film I have made of Chemtrails over Hertfordshire. Thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely


I have just received this reply from Mr Clappison:

Looks like I have got their attention! Maybe it was my video evidence that swayed it for him!

Will keep you posted.


  1. Hello Jackie, Thank you for a very interesting blog. I also live in Hertfordshire and have noticed they are now mainly chem spraying at night as, I believe, too many people are noticing them. Today was an exception - the sky was full of them and the chemicals from them smelt like cat's urine! My Antiwar website may be of interest to you on:

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I shall check out your website. See my latest blog 'CHEMTRAILS. Calling all WHISTLE BLOWERS!' and visit my YouTube channel 'jamnoise72' for videos I took from yesterday.