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Friday, 18 October 2013

Internet Loneliness And Depression.

In this overly technical era where communication is made so simple, it can be very easy for some people to become lonely. This in itself is surely an oxymoron? 

How is it possible for anyone to be lonely when communication is only a phone call, a visit or a click away? 

Technology has made communication for some a difficult thing. Facebook and other internet websites are riddled with people who have difficulties communicating with others. You can tell these kinds of people just by reading their comments to others. 

For some the internet is the only way they communicate with any one on a daily basis. This is not what life was meant to be like. Sitting down and speaking to a friend or family member should always beat communicating via the internet. 

The anonymity of the internet allows some to delve into their darker sides, which can then cause severe depression in some. To hide behind ones computer screen whilst abusing others is no way to live! 

'Cyber Bullying' is on the rise and it looks like things may become worse as the internet is not 'policed' by any one!

So what are we to do with these people who's loneliness has made them bitter and abusive?

We pity them is what we do, what else can we do. 

I advise people like this to take time out to look at their lives. ask yourself these questions:

1. Can I communicate with others without the use of the internet?

2. Do I have conversations with people whilst I am out at work/school or just out and about?

3. Do I have a close friend who I can turn to?

4. Is there at least one family member I can communicate well with?

5. I can easily make direct eye contact with people.

If you have answered 'no' to all of these these questions, then you are suffering from 'ILD' (Internet Loneliness and Depression).

Time to stop 'surfing' and start socializing. Time to stop hating yourself and others.


One Love.

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